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Optimystic Arts is the work and service of Gemma Danielle and Ahmad JP. 

We seek by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with the absolute, and we pursue universal truths that are beyond the intellect and the individual. Inspired by our personal healing journey, our work points beyond the illusion of separation, to express the ineffable mystical experience of transpersonal consciousness. Speaking the universal languages of geometry and sound, we offer works created in humble prayer and focused intention, encoded with harmonic frequencies and channeled energies beyond our logical understanding. The increasing intellectualization of consciousness, initially a progressive direction of human evolution, has led to a loss of connection with both natural and spiritual realities. We believe that art can serve as an antidote to the spiritual apathy of contemporary culture, beyond the fashionable expression of ego, to bring profound personal transformation and catalyze global spiritual evolution.


Visions rendered by Gemma Danielle

Gemma Danielle is an artist and certified Reiki Master instructor. She has studied traditional Usui Reiki for over 8 years and combines shamanic journeying, plant medicine ceremonies, akashic record reading and sound healing in her private practice. Her art began as a medium for the healing energies of Reiki, and she often references the ancient meditation tool of the mandala as a conductor and generator of this energy. She repeats silent prayers, or mantras, with each line drawn in her intricate webs, and she labors over the precise straight lines without the aide of a ruler, attempting to mimic the technical precision of a computer by embracing the powerful capabilities of the human hand. Her meditation totems are direct narratives and visual alignments, speaking to self-awareness and the subtle energy bodies of our being. She claims these works exist in multiple dimensions and can elicit an involuntary emotional response.


Sounds created by Ahmad JP

Ahmad is a musician and uses the practice of Usui Reiki to medicinally imbue his sonic offerings. Classically trained on the Saxophone and other wind instruments, he has experimented with many genres from jazz, to hip-hop and indie. His musical focus shifted after studying shamanic traditions and learning to use song to guide experience during a plant medicine apprenticeship in the Amazon. In the world of shamanism, it is believed all plants emit a divine resonant frequency with unique medicinal properties. Embodying the Yogic term Nada Brahma (the world is sound), Ahmad’s sonic offerings alchemize the plant’s divine frequencies with the harmonic mathematical ratios found throughout the cosmos. He works with nepalese seven metal singing bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, flutes, didgeridoos and strings, and offers both individual sonic journeys and group sound experiences.  


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